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How to Fix Touchpad Not Working Windows 10

Touchpad Not Working Windows 10

why is my Touchpad Not Working Windows 10 ? Try these tips on troubleshooting touchpads to make your mouse work immediately.

When the touchpad on your laptop isn’t working it’s easy to get into panic. If you are unable to move the mouse cursor it’s difficult to get anything accomplished with your computer.

But don’t fret. If your laptop’s mouse trackpad isn’t working and you need to fix it, the solution is easy. This article will walk you through typical ways to troubleshoot the problem with a touchpad that isn’t working. These tips are mostly applicable to Windows however, those using Macs Mac might benefit from some of them , too.

Why is My Touchpad Not Working Windows 10?

The touchpad lets you utilize your laptop without the need for a mouse. If you encounter the “Touchpad Not Working Windows 10” issue, you can check the 7 ways to see if the Acer/Toshiba/HP/Lenovo/Dell laptop touchpad stopped working problem can be fixed, so as to get your laptop touchpad back to normal working.

The laptop’s touchpad doesn’t work within Windows 10 error can be due to a variety of reasons, e.g. conflicts between software, obsolete drivers, hardware issues or hardware fault, etc.

Method 1: Conduct a Windows 10 Update

Conducting an Windows 10 update can update and install the most up-to-date drivers for the OS. You can check for a Windows 10 update to see if it can fix Acer/Toshiba/Lenovo/Dell/HP laptop touchpad not working issue.

Click Start Settings, then Update and Security -> Look for updates The computer will begin checking and installing the most recent driver versions.

When it’s finished you can test whether the laptop’s touchpad will be used.

Method 2: Remove Any External Mice

Another easy yet crucial troubleshooting procedure for laptop’s touchpad not working is to unplug any USB mice that you’ve connecting to your computer. Also, disconnect any Bluetooth mice you are using.

The reason is that certain laptops (plus Windows and macOS themselves) come with an option that disables the touchpad whenever you connect to an external mouse. This is the reason your touchpad isn’t functioning. To ensure the best results while trying to test this, turn off your computer, disconnect any devices that are not essential and other accessories, then start to a fresh start.

If you restart and your mouse’s touchpad is working, you’ve solved the problem. Based on the computer you’re using you may be able modify this setting so that you can keep your trackpad functioning even with the mouse connected (see here for details information on this).

Method 3: Use the Function Keys to Check Touchpad

Sometimes, the issue may arise because the touchpad is disabled and this can occur by accident, so it’s recommended to check that this isn’t the case. Different laptops use different combinations to turn off or enable the touchpad. For instance on my Dell laptop, the combo is Fn and F3. In Lenovo the combination is Fn and 8 or F8 etc.

In most laptops, you’ll find the symbol or marking of the touchpad located on the function keys. When you have found that you can pressing the combination will activate or deactivate the Touchpad that will be the solution to the Touchpad does not work issue.

Method 4: Reinstall Mouse Driver

1.Press Windows Key + X then choose Control Panel.

2.In the device manager window expand Mice and the other points devices.

3.Select your mouse device , then hit Enter to display the device’s properties.

4.Switch to the Driver tab, then choose Uninstall and hit Enter.

5.If it asks for confirmation, then click Yes.

6.Reboot your computer to save the changes.

7.Windows will install automatically standard drivers to your Mouse and will also fix the Touchpad does not work problem.

Method 5: Disable Tablet PC Services

Windows devices with touchscreens, like 2-in-1 hybrids, come with an additional service known as the Tablet PC Input Services. It regulates the use of touchscreens and also disables your trackpad when using a tablet.

There’s a possibility that it could affect your trackpad during normal usage. It’s something to consider even if nothing else has been helpful up to this stage. To look it over you need to search for Services in the Start Menu and launch the Services tool. In this window, look for the Tablet PC Input Service, right-click it, then select to stop it..

If your touchpad doesn’t work after doing this, then you’ve discovered the problem. To stop this service from loading each when you start up make sure you double-click it before setting it’s Startup mode at manual to stop it from being running for too long. Enabled will stop it from running completely however this can cause unpredictable behavior when you use your tablet on your device.

Method 6 Manually install drivers manually.

If you have an external other third party Windows 10 laptop or computer like one from Acer, HP, Lenovo or Dell you might need to manually install the latest device drivers in order for the touchpad working using the latest versions of Windows 10. As with Dell and many other companies, all of them have an official website, where you can download and install driver.

Method 7 Update Driver from the Manufacturers Website

Update your mouse Drivers on the manufacturer’s website appears to be a good way to fix the problem. If you’re not certain regarding the manufacturer of your Touchpad manufacturer, visit the manufacturer of your PC and download the most recent updates on the Touchpad device. Sometimes, updating Windows can be beneficial ensure that you’re Windows is up-to-date and that there aren’t any pending updates.

Still Touchpad Not Working Windows 10? You May Have a Hardware Problem

These steps will fix most issues with trackpads. There’s always a chance your mousepad isn’t working properly.

If that is the situation, it’s likely you might have a hardware problem. Maybe a cable has been damaged or the touchpad is been worn out. If that is the case you need to bring your laptop to a repair facility and consult with a specialist or begin with an extra mouse.

It is possible to get a good mouse for a low price that will keep your hand. Be sure to know what to look out for when you purchase one!

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