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Msckey is a very reliable store for many users looking for authentic software licenses. We already have almost all of the Microsoft Office Apps, including different versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Project Professional, and Microsoft Visio. So, if you’re looking for software to build your program, project management, or creating an alluring diagram for your work, you should definitely take a look at these Microsoft Office Apps!

Microsoft Office Apps Offered in Msckey

Here in Msckey, we have included some of the very popular widely used Microsoft Apps so that you can have a versatile range of work simplified. Let's take a look at all the Microsoft Apps you’ll find on our store.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022

This is mainly a software created for programmers developing different other programs. It’s just a very user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE) that supports a wide variety of programming languages. This includes C#, F#, Visual Basic, C++, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. So, if you’re about to develop web apps, mobile apps, desktop software, games, and even some Internet of Things (IoT) stuff, then Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Professional is just the right software for you.

To talk about Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Professional is the latest IDE of the series. Since Msckey is here to give you major software licensing support, we obviously have the latest version of the Visual Studio series. So, don’t wait up and order yours here!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional

We have already talked about what Microsoft Visual Studio is mainly used for. Similar to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2022, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Professional will also allow you to develop a wide range of applications using similar programming languages and provide features like code editing, debugging, and collaboration.

However, if you’re looking for better code analysis tools, enhanced debugging capabilities, or support for newer programming language features, We’d suggest you to go for the latter version. In case you’re just a beginner, or don’t care much for newer updates, instead you just want to upgrade your already existing Visual Studio 2019 Professional, Msckey is here to support you as well. Take a look over here for the detailed features or purchase options.

Microsoft Project 2021 Professional

If you have a business or an organization to handle or lead a specific team to complete complex projects, you should definitely take a look at Microsoft Project 2021 Professional. With this amazing software, you can plan for your projects by breaking them down into tasks, and durations on them, or even scheduling, managing resources, creating a budget, or even preparing a report for tracking project progress, looking over adjustments, basically keeping your stakeholders informed.

With Microsoft Project 2021 Professional you can improve your efficiency, enhance your resource management, collaborate better, manage potential risks, and make decisions based on existing data. Order yours at Msckey today!

Microsoft Project Professional 2019

Microsoft Project Professional is the immediate predecessor to Project Professional 2021. Even though it was the earlier version, it still was a very powerful project management tool on its own. It had almost the same features as its latter version. You can do almost everything in this 2019 version as well.

So, if you don’t mind a few new features, performance upgrades, and UI facilities, or you already are using this app, you can always buy your very own digital license of Microsoft Project Professional 2019. Click here to know more details on this product and your purchase options!

Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional

Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional is a diagramming software application that’s going to help you create different sorts of visual representations of information. Now, don’t get it mixed with Microsoft PowerPoint! It’s way different than that. With this app, you can use an extensive template library, manipulate data visualizations, collaborate efficiently, get an improved user experience, get industry standard compliance, wireframing capabilities, and integrate with Microsoft Office.

So, you need to have Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional if you’re a business analyst and project manager for process mapping and workflow visualization, IT professional for network diagrams, system architecture overviews, and software development flowcharts, engineer creating floor plans, electric schematics, and mechanical drawings, educator and trainer for creating mind maps, concept maps, and other visual learning aids, or if you need to communicate complex ideas visually clearly and professionally. Learn more about the app and your purchase options in Msckey here!

Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional

Msckey is always there for you no matter what kind of software support you might need, whether older versions or newer ones. You’ll see the same for Microsoft Visio Professional 2019! So, if you’re more comfortable with Microsoft Professional 2019 and don’t necessarily need newer updates, then we’re here for you! Even though it doesn’t beat Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional, you can do almost all sorts of diagramming work with Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 as well. Click here to learn more about it.

Duration of the Licenses

Are you worried about whether your purchased licenses are getting expired? In that case, we bring you good news! The licenses you’re buying from Msckey since they are authentic, so they are valid for a lifetime. That means it will never expire and you can install and activate the software on multiple devices as long as those devices meet the system requirements.

What will You Get After Purchasing from Msckey?

As you might have already observed, you can purchase any version of Microsoft apps at a comparatively cheaper rate and save money doing that. But that’s not all when you make a purchase in Msckey, we will give you the following stuff with the purchased item in delivery –

  • The software authentic digital license key
  • Installation and Activation guidelines
  • Free all-time customer service
  • Product Purchase invoice

Our Policy about a Reseller

We are happy to collaborate with anyone who wants to resell our products. For this, we have several different terms and conditions. Contact us here, and we’ll provide you with a B2B Price list that will ensure your profit in the retail market.