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How To Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10

How To Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10

Are your computer’s high CPU usage on Windows 10, and is your computer slowing down? Are you aware that your CPU usage is approaching 100 percent? It’s a bit annoying particularly when you’re doing nothing.

The general rule is that you should keep your CPU from overheating by staying clear of demanding applications. However, certain bugs, such the well-known WmiPrvSE.exe can trigger CPU usage to get beyond control. We’ll help you solve the root cause and cut down on CPU usage in all situations.

What Is Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

The brain of your computer is known as the processor (central processor) also known in the name processor. It’s responsible for every process that is running. Like your brain, is prone to becoming overloaded when it’s flooded with too many tasks or if a single job consumes more than you can handle. When you’re overwhelmed it’s hard to concentrate and your brain can slow down if it’s required to perform more than it can handle at the same time.

Why Is It Dangerous to Have High CPU Usage on Windows 10?

The fact that your CPU is used at or near 100% isn’t only annoying but it could also be harmful. If your computer is exposed to this high workload for a long amount of time, it could overheat and cause damage to the internal components of it.

The CPU could heat up until the point that physical damage to the hardware takes place particularly if you don’t have a good cooling system. This can cause more problems, and also a large cost if you are forced repair your computer or possible other components.

Tip: Anyone can apply any of the methods described in this article because the instructions are easy to learn and doesn’t need any prior understanding or experience with Windows 10. Don’t forget to suggest us to anyone who’s having issues on their laptop!

If your computer is overheated it is possible to lose any open files that haven’t been saved are extremely high. This could result in you losing much of your time working. (Remember to press the save button on a regular basis!)

For one thing, nobody would like a computer that is slow. If you load your processor, it will not be able to operate at a high speed since there won’t be enough room to manage the demands.

Step by Step Guide to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10

It is possible to one of the suggestions provided below to address the issue with the CPU utilization for Windows 10 computer. Do not be concerned if you’ve never had troubleshooting experience before. these steps are easy to follow.

1. Reboot or Restart Your Computer

A simple reboot can do miracles for your PC. It’s, in actual often suggested as the first step to solve the majority of technology issues.

A reboot will shut down all the programs that are using memory on your computer. This is possible even when the application was shut down for a period of period of time. Therefore it is worthwhile.

2. Close Down Heavy Tasks

Although they’re running in the background certain tasks could take up a lot of memory. If you have a lot of browser tabs running in your internet browsing browser, this logic applies. Each additional tab puts the processor under strain memory.

Close Down Heavy Tasks to down cpu usage in windows

Start the Task Manager and then close all background applications that are in the way of taking over too much space. make sure that this isn’t the case.

To open to the Task Manager press the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + Esc. When you’re using Task Manager for the first time, click More information to review every process and how much space they’re taking up.

On the menu for the CPU arrange by process so that those that take the most CPU are on highest. Select the process that is taking up your CPU and you don’t want to be using and then close the task.

Repeat the process until you’ve completed the tasks that are unnecessary. If everything went according to schedule, the issue with the excessive CPU consumption should have been resolved by now.

3. 100% CPU Usage in Apex Legends

Apex Legends, an extremely fast-paced battle royal title, should not be draining your system however, if it does there is a gaming community that offers a viable fix for you.

The most commonly used solution to over-use of CPU during play of Apex Legends is to test your v-sync settings within your game’s graphic settings. If your v-sync has been turned off, switch your setting from “Dynamic” apply it before turning the switch back to on. If the v-sync option isn’t functioning, try switching to a different v-sync type before switching back. This should be enough.

4. Drivers Update

Try updating your drivers if you notice that a procedure is still running at a high CPU. Drivers are software programs that permit certain devices that are connected on your motherboards to control. The update of your drivers can resolve problems with compatibility or issues that cause the use of your CPU to increase.

update your laptops driver

Choose Options from the menu. Next, select Updates and Security. After that, click “Check for Updates” This will ensure that your drivers are current. Manufacturers of graphics cards also provide software (such like NVIDIA GeForce Experience, for example) that will help gamers increase their performance.

The process of updating your BIOS version could also solve some rare problems. At startup your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the firmware on the motherboard which sends commands to other computer components. Make sure you’ve found the issue that causes excessive CPU usage and have found an BIOS update that fixes it, as altering the BIOS typically doesn’t bring improvement in performance (and could cause new problems).

5. Delete Malware

Malware, also known as malware is software intended to harm your computer. Malware, often misinterpreted as virus, actually is a kind of malware that can harm your computer in a variety of ways.

The slowing of your computer is one way to ruin it. It is able to do this by running multiple programs at once and using up memory. It is possible that spyware can be used to eat up memory to mine cryptocurrency coins according to the latest bitcoin trends. The term “mining malware” is that is used to refer to specific types of malware.

Perform a full scan on your system using an anti-virus application to ensure there’s no problem. If you don’t have an anti-virus program installed, you can easily download one from the internet for no cost. But, due to the extra security that premium plans offer we suggest you purchase one.

6. Windows Reinstallation

If you’ve got a backup point before the CPU problems began try using it. But, the majority people don’t utilize System Protection because Windows disables it by default.

In this case then the reinstallation of Windows could be the only alternative. It’s a long process, but it does have the ability to fix problems with CPU usage caused by software.

use windows recovery and reinstallation

Reset this PC” in Windows 10 will remove all of your applications, but leave your personal files intact. Then, you’ll need to install all of your other programs that aren’t Windows If you don’t backup and save your settings, they’ll be lost. Backup all of your personal data in the form of external drives or through cloud storage services in case.

Once you’re done, press the Start button, and search for “Reset this PC” into the search box. Select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu.

It’s possible that the process could take up to at least an hour. After the procedure is completed it’s time to install your applications.

7. Reset Your Power Plan

Modifying the power options changing the power settings in Windows could have a huge impact on the performance of your PC. It’s possible that you’re overloading your processor when you’re set at “High performance,” especially when you’ve altered settings in the “plan settings” (Older gadgets are especially susceptible.)

reset windows power plan from power setting

In the search bar in the top search for power plan and then select “Choose a power plan” Select “Balanced” if you’re on “High performance” or “Power Saver

For confirmation to be sure, ensure that you have clicked “Change plan settings” and then “Restore default settings for this plan” on the next screen.


Unnecessary high CPU usage on Windows 10 can your result in a slow performance of computer. If this happens for a long amount of time, the result could cause a decrease in the life span of your system. But there are ways mentioned in this article might solve the issue of overuse of CPUs for you.

If not, there could be a hardware issue In this case, we would recommend taking your laptop to a repair shop in your area.

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