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Microsoft Office 2016 vs 2019: Which Office Suite Should You Choose?

Microsoft Office 2016 vs 2019

Microsoft Office is one of the compelling suites for home, business, and professional users. It contains many efficient applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more to help users complete huge tasks quickly. It is a fact that if you choose the latest version of Microsoft Office, then you’ll be ahead of the previous Office version users.

As you know Microsoft Office has several versions and one version surpasses the previous version with its newly included features and benefits for work. In this post, you will learn about Office 2016 vs 2019 and why you should pick the latest Office suite for more incredible performance.

Key Differences Between Office 2016 and 2019

Office 2016 was released worldwide on September 22, 2015, while Microsoft Office 2019 was released on September 24, 2018. So, it’s clear to you which version is the latest suite between Microsoft Office 2016 vs 2019, and you’re already aware that the new version exceeds the previous version with features and advantages.

Microsoft Office 2016 closed its mainstream support on October 13, 2020, while Office 2019 has intensified mainstream support till October 2023. However, the extended support of Microsoft Office ends in 2025 for both versions. For your convenience, we have integrated some of the key differences, let’s view these:

User Interface: Office 2019 has an updated roaming pencil case, UI with Focus mode, and more that attracts users to concentrate on the documents solely and it minimizes distractions while working. You can’t experience this updated feature in the prior version of Office 2016.

Collaborative Features: The most important thing about Office 2019 is it has a collaborative feature. With this amazing aspect, you can work with your colleagues or team members in real time on the same document. It can increase the effectiveness of your work and decrease the mistakes that happen unintentionally. Get this feature in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create better files for your personal and professional requirements, which are limited in the Office 2016 version.

Accessibility Features: It’s an outstanding feature to check your Outlook email messages, Word document, or PowerPoint presentation so that there are no errors. Activating the Accessibility Checker can make your content, email, or messages easier to read by disabled people who can’t read and edit. This facet is not just to find the mistake but also to recommend the solutions.

Security and Privacy: Microsoft Office 2019 has additional security and privacy capabilities that enable the protection of your devices. It has BitLocker Drive Encryption, Windows Information Protection, Azure Hybrid Security, and more that improve the security features compared to the Office 2016 version.

Cloud Connectivity: With Microsoft Office 2019, you will get better integration with Microsoft cloud services. You’ll get the latest upgrades with multiple new features and applications. Massive storage near 1 TB helps you to store huge data or files for work purposes and you can connect with the cloud by multiple devices at a time.

New Features in Office 2019

Microsoft Office continually upgraded their new version adding a lot of updated features. Office 2019 is not an exceptional one from the continuous updates. In this segment, you’ll see a lot of new aspects that are integrated with this latest Office suite. Have a short look over the recent inclusion:

MS Word 2019 Includes:

  • Better Ink Editor and accessibility
  • Text-to-speech
  • Focus Mode
  • Translator
  • Black theme

MS Excel Integrates the Following Features:

  • 2D maps, Timeline, and Funnel charts
  • New Excel functions and formula
  • PowerBI publishing capability
  • Expand to PowerPivot
  • Betterment of PowerQuery

MS PowerPoint Integrates:

  • Zoom-in capability while presenting
  • Morphs Transition and Zoom
  • New Icons, SVG, and 3D models
  • Improved Roaming Pencil Case

Outlook Includes:

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Pro Plus exclusive aspects
  • Organized inbox
  • Travel and deliver summary cards


Differences Between Word 2016 and 2019

Microsoft Word is a well-known and most-used application in the world. It is obvious that you will get updates and improvements in this Office 2019. Word has improved the Text-to-Speech element and it makes speech tools easier than typing something. Moreover, Word 2019 has developed an inking feature that usually draws a shape with the pen and the program will automatically make a diagram or graph for you. This Ink editor has better ink capabilities and editing tools.

Word has a @-mentions item that is similar to finding something on Facebook or WhatsApp. You need to tag a person with this @-mention feature and they will know what type of tasks are assigned to them.

Difference Between PowerPoint 2016 and 2019

PowerPoint is a great application for Office 2016 and 2019 versions. It’s an excellent app for making magnificent slides and presentations. The Morph transition and Zoom allow users to create a smooth and better transition between slides and draw user attention. Additionally, you will get the Zoom feature that produces your presentation more dynamic than the previous version. Also, Office 2019 includes:

  • Vector drawings.
  • PowerPoint Export or Publishing options.
  • @-mention features in PowerPoint that provide the user with a better facility compared to the prior Office suite.

Differences Between Excel 2016 and 2019

Microsoft Excel is a necessary component in every organization. There are many inventions in the latest Office 2019 suite and You can see new functions like CONCAT, MAXIFS, TEXTJOIN, and SWITCH that help users generate better calculations than Office 2016. Moreover, Excel 2019 has the latest graphs and illustrations to build splendid charts. The Excel 2019 integrates SVG pictures and 3D models that you didn’t have in the previous version. Also, you’ll obtain audio tips, improved auto-complete, and new themes that help you exceed the Office 2016.

Outlook 2016 vs 2019: the Differences

Outlook is the advanced email option for Office 2016 vs 2019. It includes two tabs in the mailbox: priority and other. In the priority tabs, only the most important emails are stored and this feature prevents you from missing any important emails. The other tabs store the normal emails that are not so important if you avoid those emails. In your Outlook calendar, you can add multiple time zones and it makes it easy to maintain scheduled appointments from different time zones.

OneNote 2016 and 2019

Using OneNote in your Office 2016 is possible with the Office deployment tool to install it. Office 2019 Mac users can utilize the OneNote feature as a pre-installed program. You can uninstall the OneNote when you wish and reinstall it. This application is available in the Apple App Store for free.

Office 365 Pro Plus Exclusive Feature

Microsoft 365 was formerly known as Office 365. With Microsoft 365, you will receive online protection, protected cloud storage, and all the innovative apps in one place. It has two systems to buy this package: paid yearly and paid monthly. Huge cloud storage advantages like 1 TB and usable with multiple devices at a time but all of these are on a monthly or yearly basis.

Mac Office 2016 vs 2019

Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 was released in July 2015, with mainstream support ending in October 2020. It’s compatible with macOS 10.10 and higher, lacks Dark Mode support, and includes traditional icons and UI. It incorporates OneNote and provides limited Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro users.

On the other hand, Office for Mac 2019, launched in September 2018, enjoys mainstream support until October 2023. It’s compatible with macOS 10.14 and later, supports Dark Mode, boasts modern icons and UI, and directs users to the separate OneNote app. It also offers enhanced Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro users. These distinctions can help users choose the version that best suits their needs and system compatibility.

Recommendations for Upgrading

As you’ve already gathered a huge knowledge of the difference between Office 2016 vs 2019. Both versions are one-time purchasable and don’t need to require a monthly or yearly subscription. Microsoft Office 2019 could provide you with new and improved features than Office 2016. So, you should upgrade your device from 2016 to 2019 to obtain all of the latest functions.

While you’re about to buy a new Microsoft Office, you should consider what is the best option for you: personal vs business package. In the personal package, you will get only core applications plus Outlook. The business or professional package contains core applications, plus Outlook, Publisher, and Access. So, it’s best to get more applications that help you to do numerous tasks.

Office 2016 and Office 2019 both the versions have almost the same system requirements. These two versions are compatible with modern computers or the latest Windows. To operate Office 2016 and 2019, your computer should contain 2GB (32-bit) or 4GB (64-bit) RAM and be compatible with DirectX9 or later.

If you want to utilize more applications on a daily basis, then upgrade to the latest version. Are you sure you want to upgrade Office software or buy a new cheap license key? Visit Microsoft’s authorized Msckey website, where you will get a valid and original official license. Within the shortest time of 5 minutes, you will get the Office 2016 or Office 2019 key.


If you read through the whole article, you will know about the key differences between Office 2016 vs 2019 versions and know the exclusive features that are only experienceable to Office 2019. Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription-based service unlike Office 2016 and 2019 versions like one-time purchased benefits. So, you have to choose the best Office suite according to your needs. Tell us about your queries or suggestions through our contact email or comments here and we’ll get back to you shortly. Signing off for today. Have a great day!

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