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Best New Features in Microsoft Office 2019 Step By Step

microsoft office 2019 features

Microsoft Office 2019 is full of a lot of new features. In this post, we’ll look at the enhancements made in the most recent version. Aside from that, we’ll go over some of the new version’s most important features. Exploring Microsoft Office 2019 to learn what the new release has in store for you.

1. Next-level presentation features.

Despite the fact that PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation tools available, experts may consider it to be outdated. Part of this is due to the more powerful solutions available to them, which is something we all expect from new versions.

In this latest version, Microsoft has included advanced presenting elements such as Zoom and Morph. This enables you to construct a dynamic, sophisticated presentation. Despite the fact that these functionalities are part of Microsoft 365, they are not available to Office 2016 customers.

2. Improved data analysis.

Excel reigns supreme when it comes to data analysis and management. Office 2019 contains a number of new and improved features, like updated PowerQuery, PowerPivot, New Charts, and new formulas, to mention a few.

If you appreciate Excel, we’re confident you’ll be ecstatic to learn about the new features in Office 2019.

3. Enhancements to the inking capabilities.

If you use Microsoft Surface on a regular basis, you understand the value of the digital pen. You can use this feature to doodle, make notes, and draw on your device’s screen. Tilt effects and pressure sensitivity are among the new features in Office 2019’s applications. So, if you obtain this version, you’ll have access to a plethora of inking features.

4. Managing emails is a lot easier.

You might be an Outlook aficionado if you’re concerned about your email management. When it comes to email handling, Office 2019 can make your job more easier than previously. The new version comes with a slew of additional capabilities that will make managing your email campaigns a breeze. The following are some of the new features included in the latest version:

  • Cards for travel
  • Inbox that is laser-focused
  • @mentions
  • Groups at Work
  • Contact cards that have been updated

These enhancements, according to Microsoft, can help users handle their email much more effectively. As a result, if you decide to purchase the full version, we recommend having your copy activated. This will assist you in getting the most out of this installment in order to meet your requirements.

Go for Office 2019.

In short, Office 2019 comes with a slew of new features. This will make your workplace responsibilities a lot easier than they were previously. Furthermore, you will save a significant amount of time and effort because the identical tasks will take less time than previously. All you have to do is take advantage of the free 7-day trial. If you think the new version is worth it after the trial period, you can activate your application. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with your choice.

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