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Microsoft Office 365 Tips and Tricks for 2024

Microsoft Office 365 Tips and Tricks for 2023

Office 365 is a suite of software that includes the Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It offers many features that are not available through traditional programs such as Windows or Mac. To maximize the use of Office 365, it is important to be aware of some tips and tricks.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based office suite that offers a variety of features, and you can use a lot of tricks to become more professional in MS Office 365 in 2024. Check the complete list and become a master in Office 365.

1. Use Properly MS Office 365 Tools and Features

Microsoft Office 365 has a lot of updated features that can make an Office 365 expert. The use of focused inboxes, telling people what you have in your inbox, and using Templafy to find information about others can help you manage your work more effectively. Additionally, teams can benefit from using the SharePoint platform to organize their data and share information with other team members. Finally, smart lookup tools can be used to quickly find information about specific people or things.

2. Use Templafy

Templafy is a document creation tool that helps to establish a cohesive look and feel for your company. By using its tools, you can create high-quality documents that are easy to read and use.

3. Enable Sync Option

Microsoft Office 365 allows users to use the same file from different devices. All you have to do is enable the sync option for your account. This feature can save time and effort for hybrid workers, who work from both the office and home. Sync features allow viewing, opening and editing the file from different devices. This saves time and effort for the pros.

4. Use Bookmark Feature

With the bookmark feature you can save messages from chats, and you can also save items from posts. You can also save images from a post. To save an image from a post, simply click the image, press Ctrl+K (Cmd+K on Mac) and choose Save. When you need to view a saved item, choose Saved under your profile icon. You’ll see a list of posts and chats you’ve saved items from. Simply select the one it was from and it will be there waiting.

5. Consolidate Your Email

In 2021, there were 319.6 billion mail pieces sent and received globally. By 2025, this might total 376.4 billion. Many businesses today depend on email marketing for customer service and sales. So, they should pay attention to how they use email. You can keep your email messages in the reading pane of your email program. This way you can see which messages you have already opened and those you haven’t. You should be able to decide whether or not to open an email. In the meantime, you can save time and open the email when you want to.

How Do I Get the Best From Office 365?

Office 365 is a great way to keep your work and personal lives separate. You can access the office applications from anywhere, without having to leave your office. Office 365 also gives you the ability to backup and store your data, so if something goes wrong with your computer or office, you can always restore it using Office 365.

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What Are the Benefits of Office 365?

Office 365 is an all-in-one subscription service that offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Increased Security: Office 365 offers features like two-factor authentication and malware scanning to protect users against online threats.
  2. Reduced Overhead: Office 365 does not require the installation of separate applications or installations, meaning that users can save time and energy by using one platform for their work.
  3. Increased Collaboration: Office 365 allows users to easily access shared files and printers, as well as share ideas and work plans between team members.
  4. Minimal IT Demands: Office 365 comes with pre-installed software that makes IT less demanding on users’ systems.


Microsoft Office 365 tips and tricks for 2024 will help keep your productivity up and your office organized. With the latest updates and changes to the software, you can be sure that you are receiving the most current features and tips. Don’t miss out on these tips and tricks for Microsoft Office 365, and be sure to check out our blog for more frequently updated information.

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