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Windows Server 2022 Standard is the successor of Windows Server 2019, and it is one of the most secure and reliable servers ever developed by Microsoft. Launched on 18th August 2022, this is the base version of Windows Server 2022 that is developed by keeping security as a top priority for the user. With an improved hybrid server management integration and enhanced event viewer, it can redefine the user experience to a new level.

A Bunch of New Features Introduced Along with the Previous Ones

Built on the solid foundation of its predecessor, Windows Server 2022 Standard introduced many new changes in three key features: hybrid integration and management, security, and application platform. Also, it has introduced some new features to improve the user experience.

Updated Security Measures

The updated security measures are one of the significant upgrades of Windows Server 2022. With a growing concern about cyber-attacks worldwide, this upgrade protects the user from malicious threats and data licking.

Prevention of Firmware Attack: In previous editions of the Microsoft servers, there was a risk of being affected by extended threats and cyber-attacks while restating the server through firmware. The DRTM (Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement) and DMA (Direct Memory Access) technologies are introduced to prevent firmware attacks.

Hardware Root of Trust: The hardware root of trust resembles the foundation that keeps all computer system operations secure. It makes the booting process more secure against malicious threats and errors.

Secured Hypervisor: The VBS or virtualization-based security technology protects the hypervisor by isolating individual processes from the OS. It protects other components from getting infected in times of cyber-attacks.

SMB (Server Message Block): The SMB functionality with QUIC eliminates the necessity of a VPN for remote workers and mobile users along with highly secured institutions. To do so, it uses use datagram protocol (UDP) for data encryption.

Safe and Secure Connectivity: TLS or transport layer security is used in Microsoft Server 2022 Standard to establish a secure connection between the nodes. It also uses encrypted DNS queries to separate the resolutions.

Secure-Core Capabilities: The secured-core capabilities feature of Windows Server 2022 helps the user to protect hardware, firmware, and Windows Server OS capabilities against advanced security threats. It builds on technologies like Windows Defender System Guard and VBS. These technologies can minimize the vulnerabilities of the firmware.

Security Layers: The Server 2022 Standard edition has added multiple security layers to enhance security. These layers help the user to block malicious attacks and enhance the security of your virtual machines, applications, and data.

Azure hybrid integration and management

With significant VM management improvements and an enhanced event viewer, Windows Server 2022 Standard has improved the hybrid server management system. Also, it includes Azure hybrid integration that provides access from the application to a TCP endpoint without enabling any new access path to the application.

Flexible Application Platform

With the flexibility in the application platform, The Windows server 2022 enhances user experiences. It comes with improved container application deployment and improvements in network policy implementation and integration with industry-standard containers, along with the acceleration of .NET applications.

Reduction of Server Core Image Size: The image size of the server-core image has been reduced in Windows Server 2022 Standard. It allows the applications to start faster compared to the previous editions.

ReFS: The ReFS or Resilient file system is the latest file system developed and designed by Microsoft. It is designed to maximize data availability and scale efficiently to large data sets across diverse workloads, along with data integrity. It can detect corruption and also fix that corruption while online. The ReFS are included in Windows Server 2022 to increase the application platform integrity.

Cloud Ready Solutions: Server 2022 Standard improves the container networking ability, and it improves the ability to use Kubernetes on Windows with expanded platform networking resiliency and container network plugin support. The users can change applications into cloud-ready solutions and help the developers to create new applications.

Networking Improvements

The Windows Server 2022 comes with several new capabilities. The faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS connections, industry-standard SMB AES 256 encryption, and more capabilities to provide secured network connectivity. Also, it includes improved TCP and UDP protocols to enhance the networking experience.

Longer and Faster Support Cycle

Microsoft confirmed a longer and faster support cycle for Windows Server 2022 Standard. They will provide five years of mainstream and another five years of extended support.

Build-in Containers

The Server 2022 Standard has built-in Hyper-V containers. This enabled the user to develop and manage with agility.

Deployment Options

The new and improved deployment options of Server 2022 increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight nano server. This saves time and reduces the complexity of deployment.

Cost Efficient Storage

This Server 2022 Standard edition allows the user to build highly available, scalable software-defined storage to reduce the cost.

Windows Admin Center

Familiar and modernized tools like Server Manager and streamlined MMC tools allow you to manage all your server environments. As an admin, you can manage Windows Server instances on Azure as well as any cloud servers.

Virtualization for AMD Processors

Server 2022 Standard has Nested virtualization features for AMD processors, which allows the user to run Hyper-V inside a Hyper-V VM. It is essential while running the emulators.

Is it Worth Upgrading to Windows Server 2022 Standard?

The new feature introduced in Windows Server 2022 Standard edition makes it more reliable and secure than its predecessor. Also, it has ignored some unnecessary features that were included in the previous editions. If you are using a previous edition of Windows Server, it is better to upgrade to the newest edition of Windows Server for the security and reliability of your data and network connectivity.

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Download and Activation Process

The downloading and activation process of Windows Server 2022 Standard is a relatively easy nut to crack, even when you are a beginner. Purchase the Windows Server 2022 Standard product key at the lowest price from Msckey, and we will deliver you the Microsoft-authorized product keys bundled with the official download link almost instantly. Also, you can follow our download, installation, and activation guide by navigating to this webpage.


  • You can download the ISO File of Windows Server 2022 Standard from here.
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  • You cannot reactivate or transfer it to other devices.
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System Requirements for Windows Server 2022 Standard




1.4 GHz 64-bit processor.

Compatible with x64 instruction set.

Supports NX and DEP.

Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW. Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT).


512 MB

Storage controller and disk space

32 GB

Network adapter requirements

Ethernet adapter with 1 GPT

Compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification.

Additional Requirements

DVD drive.

UEFI 2.3.1c-based system and firmware that supports secure boot.

Trusted Platform Module.

Graphics devise and monitor (Super VGA (1024 x 768).

Keyboard and Microsoft mouse (or other compatible pointing device).

Internet access.


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