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How to Use Microsoft Windows 11 Snap Layout

How to Use Microsoft Windows 11 Snap Layout

Snap layout is a beneficial and productive feature of Windows. This feature is used to optimize the window screen space and productivity. You can take action using the mouse, keyboard, and snap assist options. Here is the complete process in step by step which answered you “how to Use Microsoft Windows 11 Snap Layout?”

What Is Windows 11 Snap Layout?

Windows 11 Snap Layout is a feature of the Windows operating system that shows the different display part by part on the Window. When you take action, it will automatically resize the screen and fit alongside so you can easily switch between windows smoothly.

How to Use Snap Layouts in Windows 11?

We can use the snap layout features in several ways. Below are the complete steps:

Snap With a Mouse

  • You can easily drag the windows title bar to the following points, and then the Window will automatically create a snap layout and resize it according to your snap layout setting.
  • Also, you can select and hold the title bar on the top of the Window that you want to snap.
  • Drag the Window from the upper left corner to the desired location. A transparent outline will appear to show where the Window will be snapped to when you successfully move it to the desired end.
  • Release the mouse button, and the Window adjusts to fit the screen size.
  • All other windows you have opened will show up on the other side if you snap the Window to the left/right point.
  • When you select any window among them, Window will automatically adjust its size to match the screen.

Using Snap Layouts

You can select the appropriate snap layout by choosing the maximize button of a window while moving the mouse over it to maximize your screen space conveniently.

Note: A few apps may not show snap layouts.

Snap With Keyboard

The Window will automatically reduce to its smallest size, which is a quarter of the screen, when you do these above actions using the keyboard shortcut key. Then select the window screen and use the Window + arrow key as you want to snap.

How to Change Windows 11 Snap Layouts Settings?

You can change the snap layout setting using the following ways on Windows 11. The first way, you can click the Windows + Z button, and the second way, you can go through hover over the Maximize/Restore button to change the Snap Layouts and, last one, head to the settings if you want to fine-tune the experience.

  • You can change the Snap Layout experience in the settings. Go to the Windows Settings menu -> System -> Multitasking.
  • Click on the Arrow button at the end of the Snap windows tab to the more options.
  • Now you can Check/uncheck the settings you want to use/not use.

How to Enable or Disable Snap Layouts in Windows 11?

Write Snap Setting on the type and search bar of the Window. You can see the snap setting on the Window and click the Open button.

By default, the On-Off button turns on. When the button is in an off mood, switch on the snap-on button, then you can easily mark the boxes to choose different snap effects by checking and unchecking.

How Many Snap Layouts Are There in Windows 11?

Windows 11 operating system has SIX different snap layouts.

  1. Two windows, 50/50 split
  2. Two windows, 70/30 split
  3. Three windows split into thirds
  4. Three windows, 50/25/25 split
  5. Four windows split into quarters
  6. Three windows, 25/50/25 split

Shortcut Key for Snap Layouts in MS Windows 11

The shortcut key is now available on Windows 11 for snap layouts. You can also take the snap layout option on this OS using the keyboard. Below are the shortcut keys that you can use for Snap.

First, select the Window you want to snap and press the Windows and Left Arrow key together or the Windows Logo Key + Right Arrow key to snap the Window.

You can change the position to a corner after snapping it if you want. Then from the keyboard, press the Windows and Up Arrow key or the Windows Key + Down Arrow to get it into the corner. After taking this action, the Window automatically makes the smallest possible state, a quarter of the screen. After that, you can choose a screen and move it to any location using the Windows Key and the arrow keys.

What Are the Advantages of Windows 11 Snapping?

  • With the snap layout features, you can increase multitasking and system performance.
  • You can arrange and organize all the applications on the Window.
  • Snap group helps you get back to your work quickly.
  • You can use the window space properly.


If you are looking to use Microsoft Windows 11 snap layout, it is a good idea to first learn how to use the basic features. Additionally, it can be helpful to follow some tips for making your snaps more organized and efficient.

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