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How to Upgrade From Windows 11 Home to Pro? – Easy Steps to DIY

Upgrade from Windows 11 Home to pro

Microsoft, with almost every Windows OS launch (starting from Windows 7), launches 2 different versions of the same operating system. A ‘Home’ version and a ‘Pro’ version. While the Home version is the base version that comes with every PC/ Laptop in their OEM version, the Pro version is designed for more business and professional work with more facilities and remote controlling features.

So, simply saying, Microsoft tailored their OS according to the needs of every type of user they have. As per the name suggests, Microsoft has a lot to offer to you in the upgraded Windows 11 Pro version than Windows 11 Home version if you’re looking for some more feature for your work or business for that matter.

Since, most of the PC or Laptop’s OEM OS is Windows 11 Home, if you need the Pro version, you can always upgrade it to the Pro from Home easily. In this article, we’ll guide you through the DIY steps on How to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro.

Why Would You Want to Shift from Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro?

Precisely, Windows 11 Pro is not designed for anyone and everyone. There are specific facilities in Windows 11 Pro which is not available in Windows 11 Home version. We are mentioning a few of the improved, upgraded, and additional features that you’ll get in the Pro version which you’ll not get as a Windows 11 Home user.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you’re using a Windows 11 Pro, then your PC can host any remote controlling session done by any other PC having Windows 11. It doesn’t matter if the computer you’re using is 11 Home or Pro, you can log in to your Windows 11 Pro from anywhere you want. You’ll not get this hosting ability in the Home version.


You can unlock BitLocker as a feature with tighter security and more flexible control system. In the home version, device encryption normally creates a backup copy associated with your Microsoft account. However, with BitLocker, you can easily save your recovery key in addition to your Microsoft account.

Windows Sandbox

The Windows sandbox is like an intermittent zone where you can have a virtual environment. This is the right option for you if you want to check out sketchy emails that might lead to your privacy being breached. The Windows sandbox creates a virtual space for you to isolate the sketchy stuff without risking your computer.


This is similar to the Windows Sandbox, except you’ll need a separate license for the pseudo-OS in this system. Hyper-V lets you create a separate virtual space which confines malwares and viruses. You’ll get this facility only on Windows 11 Pro version.

More RAM Space

The default Windows 11, the Windows 11 Home, can support a RAM upto 128GB. On the other hand, the Windows 11 Pro can use extended RAM memory upto 2 TB! So, you need to complete heavy work simultaneously, you know which Windows 11 version to opt for.

How to Upgrade From Windows 11 Home to Pro?

Normally, you can upgrade the Windows 11 Home version of your computer to Windows 11 Pro version in two ways! You can purchase a one-time code for Pro and insert it in the Activation Settings section, or you can directly make a Windows 11 Pro license key purchase! This is okay, even if you use a different site to purchase the Windows 11 Pro license.

1. Entering the Code in the Activation Settings

We’ll be mentioning step-by-step guide to activate your windows in the Activation Settings. For this, all you need to do is follow the steps:

  1.   Purchasing the Code for Windows 11 Pro: If you want to buy the Windows 11 Pro, you have two options – either buy an upgrade key, (we recommend you using for fast and secured services), or one of the full version of Windows 11 Pro. The full version can work both as an upgrade key or a full installation key.

Can’t differentiate? Let us help you out! So, the upgrade key only works on the computer with licensed Windows 11 Home OS installed into it. However, you’ll not be able to use it during full installation. Since, all the computers comes with an OEM version of Windows 11 Home, that’s not an issue!

In, the Windows 11 Home to Pro upgrade key costs $35.99 (that’s on sale after 28% off, so better take advantage of this offer quick!). but if you opt for the license, that’s going to cost you about $37.99. There is another option for you to choose from is the OEM version of Windows 11 Pro. The OEM version is not reusable and is only available for the PC it is getting installed to. Currently at Msckey, the Windows 11 Pro OEM version will cost you about $36.99. So, now you know which option is the way to go!

  1.   Opening the Activation Settings of Windows OS: To do this, you must first go to Settings. Once you press it, you’ll find a ‘Settings’ window pop up. On the left side, you’ll a lot of sections. Choose the first one, that is, ‘System.’ You’ll find all you need there once you get in the ‘Activation’ category.

Screenshot1 1


Another easier step to open the activation settings is to pull up the Start Menu and type “Activation Settings” in the search bar.

  1.   Changing your Product Key: On the Activation Settings window, there’s a section written “Upgrade your editions of Windows” and a drop down menu will appear. There, in the “Change product key” click the button for ‘Change’.

Screenshot4 1


  1.   Entering the Product Key Code: When you click on the ‘Change’ button, a window titled “Enter a Product Key” will pop up. There you’ll find a box to put in your 25-digit key and then click ‘Next’.


If your process is successful, your settings would show you Windows 11 Pro as your OS upon restarting.

2. Upgrading Via Microsoft Store

In this process, you upgrade your computer, directly through the Microsoft Web store. For this, follow the steps mentioned below –

  1.   Opening the Activation Settings: To open the Activation Settings, go to Settings > System > Activation. Alternatively, you can also type “Activation Settings” in the Start menu and your Activation Settings window will pop up.
  2.   Launching the Microsoft App: When you click on the small down arrow beside the section titled “Upgrade your edition of Windows”, you’ll find a section saying “Upgrade in the Microsoft App” and a button saying ”Open Store”. Click on that button.


Screenshot4 1


  1.   Purchasing the Windows 11 Home to Pro Upgrade: When you click that button, Microsoft store will open and you can directly purchase Windows 11 Pro license key from the Microsoft web store.


The activation license key from Microsoft Web Store will cost you about $99.00. Once you purchase it from there, your Windows activation key will automatically be embedded with your Microsoft account. And your Windows 11 Pro will activate instantly.

Thus, this is how you upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro yourself, in simple and easy steps.


In conclusion, Windows 11 Pro has a lot more professional facilities that you might need if you’re looking for an appropriate OS for your business. However, for basic use, the Windows 11 Home is more than okay to use. But even if you want to switch to Windows 11 Pro anyway, now you know how to upgrade your Windows 11 Home to Pro.

Even though both of the steps are easy to follow, but we personally recommend you following the first one because, you can use it anytime you want, in any kind of situation and any PC. But if you use the second process, the computer needs to have your Microsoft account logged into it. And, do give Msckey a visit as they have sales going on all around the year!

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