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Windows Server 2019 is the ninth edition of Microsoft’s server operating systems. This is one of the most used servers OS worldwide. Its powerful features and management tools have already grabbed a major share of the server OS market. Windows Server 2019 Standard is the version that will provide you with server management tools with some robust security features.

Features to Access with Windows Server 2019 Standard Key

Microsoft has added too many useful features to Windows 2019 Standard. The operating system offers a wide range of capabilities to enhance server management, storage, security, and integration with cloud services, empowering organizations to build robust and efficient IT infrastructures. Let’s have a look at some of the important features of this standard server operating system;

Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center is a powerful web-based management tool with a unified interface for managing local and remote servers. This will enable you to perform various tasks such as server configuration, performance monitoring, event log management, and virtual machine management. With its intuitive interface and extensive functionality, Windows Admin Center simplifies server management and enhances productivity.

Storage Migration Service

The Storage Migration Service is a feature that simplifies the process of migrating servers and their data from older versions of Windows Server to this version. It provides a streamlined experience with a graphical user interface (GUI) and PowerShell cmdlets. This allows you to easily inventory existing servers, transfer Server configurations, data, and shares to new Servers, and perform the cutover with minimal downtime.

System Insights

This feature of Server 2019 Standard leverages machine learning to provide predictive insights into the server’s performance and capacity. System Insights analyzes performance counters and system events to detect patterns and anomalies. That enables you to proactively address the Server issues before they impact the server’s performance or availability.

Storage Spaces Direct

S2D or Storage Spaces Direct is a software-defined storage feature that enables organizations to create highly available and scalable storage solutions using industry-standard servers and local storage. With this, administrators can pool the storage capacity of multiple servers and create virtualized storage volumes with features like data mirroring, parity, and erasure coding, providing fault tolerance and optimized storage utilization.

Shielded Virtual Machines

To provide enhanced security for virtualized environments of VMs (Virtual Machines), Server 2019 includes protective shields. This encrypts the VM’s state and isolates it from the underlying host to protect against unauthorized access and tampering. In this version, Shielded VMs have been improved to support Linux VMs, making securing a wide range of workloads easier.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

With enhanced capabilities to build and manage hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), this Server edition combines computing, storage, and networking into a single software-defined solution, simplifying the deployment and management of Server elements. Moreover, it includes features like Storage Replica for disaster recovery, enhanced networking stack for improved performance, and deduplication and compression for efficient storage utilization in HCI environments.

Improved Security Features:

Microsoft has introduced several security enhancements in this standard Windows Server version to protect your servers against ever-evolving modern threats.  With the inclusion of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Windows Defender Credential Guard, Exploit Guard, Application Control, and improvements to the Security Configuration Wizard and Windows Defender Firewall, your servers are much more secure and safe.

Azure Integration

This Windows Server can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure, enabling organizations to extend their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Moreover, it includes features like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery for data protection and disaster recovery. On top of that, integration for Azure File Sync and Azure Active Directory will simplify identity and access management.

.NET Framework

Microsoft added support for the .NET Framework 4.7 and 3.5 to improve the performance and security of your servers. This allows you to run the lightweight and modular runtime for .NET Core applications. Additionally, ASP.NET and .NET Core applications can be hosted and run on Standard Windows Server 2019.

Failover Clustering

Creating high-availability environments by grouping multiple servers into a cluster is called failover clustering. Windows Standard 2019 Server provides automatic failover and load balancing for applications and services. This ensures continuous availability and minimizes server downtime. Moreover, it offers robust management tools and features for easily configuring and maintaining clustered resources.

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System Requirements for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard:

> CPU socket: Minimum 1.4 GHz with x64 instruction set compatibility

> Memory (RAM): Minimum of 512 MB (Note: – if selecting the Desktop Experience installation option – 2 GB is the minimum).

> Hard disks and available storage space: 160GB hard disk with a 60GB system partition

> Network adapter:  A minimum of 1-gigabit ethernet adapter as minimum

> Graphics: Must support SVGA resolution of 1024 x 768 or above.

> Internet: Some functionality may require Internet access (fees may apply) or a Microsoft account

> Supported Client operating systems: Windows 11 or 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Macintosh OS X versions 10.5 to 10.8.

> Router: A router or firewall that supports IPv4 NAT or IPv6

> Other requirements: UEFI 2.3.1c based system and firmware, Internet access, keyboard, and mouse.


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