Windows 11 24H2 Release – Find Out What Will Change Your PC

Windows 11 24h2 version

Windows 11 24H2 is going to be the latest update of Windows 11 by the Microsoft Operating System and will be released in the latter part of 2024. This version Windows 24H2 is on the way to being the greatest OS update on the Windows platform that enhances performance and security components along with remarkable new features and loads of quality updates. Keep reading this post to learn more about the latest features and changes that will be made in this updated version; is it free to get on your existing Windows 11? All of the unquestioned answers will be provided clearly in this article, so stay connected with us till the end!

What will the Features and Changes Be on Windows 11 24H2?

There you can see more updated features and changes in settings that will take place in this recent upgrade to Windows 11 24H2. Windows version 24H2 will add the Copilot + PC features which are not supported in the existing Windows 11 version. These latest features integrate a next-gen AI application called Recall, which can memorize everything you do on your device and utilize natural language to turn anything into a searchable memory! Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Series SoC is added to the new update which rivals the Apple Silicon regarding efficiency and performance.

Microsoft is preparing to release its updated version of Windows 11 24H2 which is available in the Windows Insider Release Preview channel. You have to wait to get the Updated Windows 11 version for the upcoming fall session of this year.

Exclusive Changes on Features to Another Update of Windows 11

Windows 24H2 update is in the development process and we didn’t get all the information about the features included. However, we have a better knowledge of it and right now, we are sharing the latest info about features with you.

This Windows version is packed with some amazing features and it’s the first version that will be published with new features like new PCs with a dedicated NPU. It is called Copilot + PCs which are shipping on the 18th of June. Let’s take a look at the new features:

Windows Recall

The new Windows version has a significant feature called Windows Recall and it runs in the background and captivates snapshots of your activities on the computer. This feature can search for anything based on its natural language. Windows Recall can remember everything it captured on your device and create documents based on that, it includes all info on your screen like apps, webpages, sentences, documents, videos, photos, and more.

If you type “find that picture of a bicycle that Julia sent me on Telegram”, the AI provides you with the exact match of your requirement when it was shared. The important news is that Microsoft says the feature is 100% secured. All the data Recall processed is not going anywhere beside your computer; a dedicated one-device NPU handles it. If you’re not using this feature, simply turn it off.

Windows Studio Effects

Microsoft continuously works on updating the Windows Studio Effects to be more advanced than the previous one. Having the latest artificial lighting and artistic filters, your computer gets improved video quality in a dimly lit environment. This feature helps to make a noise-free environment in the video feed and brighten your face like using a face light and it’s a wonderful feature indeed.

Live Captions

There is an important feature available in the upcoming Copilot + PCs, is the latest Live Caption. It helps to translate 40+ more languages using the AI feature, you can utilize this feature in live or pre-recorded audio and video. Microsoft keeps the option to place the Live Caption facet at the top, bottom, or floating on-screen option on your computer screen. Now, you can understand many unknown languages while talking to people of different languages.


The latest Windows update version has a Cocreator feature which turns out a complete image and text on prompts. Having this feature, you should create a basic outline of any image and instruct your Cocreator then it will do the rest of your task. The Concreator can bring life to your sketch and the photo application is getting updated and contains a built-in image generator.

Quick Settings

In this new update, you can see some changes in the Quick Settings panel. The Quick Settings is now paginated in this version and you can go to settings through the Quick Settings. You can customize all the settings of your computer by clicking and dragging to set their position on the screen. It helps you to personalize all of your necessary features in the Quick Settings option and you can use it easily.

Working on Phone link

To control and manage your Android devices through Windows is an amazing thing! Isn’t it? Microsoft is working on these improvements. There’s a new application to manage mobile devices that links your phone with a PC and you can utilize this linking for basic functionality, such as notifications, using the mobile as your PC’s webcam, and so on.

Voice Clarity System

The new Windows 11 2024 version has an AI-powered microphone enhancement feature that helps you eliminate background noise while recording or on a call. Previously it was available only on Surface PCs with NPU hardware but now this is available on Windows 11 without a dedicated NPU chip.

Energy Saver

Windows 11 latest version introduces a new Energy Saver mode that will reduce computer energy consumption. This new version automatically reduces system performance, thus it helps to extend battery life on laptops and lower the power pulls for desktop PCs. When you enable this feature, it provides an energy-saver icon on the desktop like laptops without battery percentage. It helps your PC to become more energy-saving and eliminate carbon footprint.

Update File Explorer

As with the other version, Microsoft is changing the File Explorer of Windows 11 24H2 version. This update provides a 7zip and TAR compressed archive files feature instead of ZIP files. The previous version doesn’t allow us to create the archive file but rather extract these archive files. Moreover, you can now edit metadata and view the PNG file on the new version of Windows 24H2 and also set a star rating, write a PNG file description, and add keywords.

Is The Upgrade to Windows 11 24H2 Free?

Microsoft has provided software updates from past years and that’s not changing for sure! You can get the latest updates free of cost if you’ve already used the Windows 11 version on your device. Moreover, this update won’t be required for any system changes as well.

However, some changes may be required to use the latest features in this update. As we have seen in the updates earlier, an automatic “super-resolution” feature required an NPU system to upscale video game graphics to a greater resolution. If your device doesn’t have the NPU then you can’t get the benefits of that super-resolution feature.

Therefore, a Windows version 24H2 upgrade is not mandatory, and it’s completely optional for users who are already using the current Windows 11 version. However, if your support period is close to an end then you will be forced to upgrade your version to the newer one. So, If you’re using Windows 11 and your support period has enough time then you shouldn’t worry about this forcefully upgrading issues!

How to Download Windows 11 24H2 ISO?

Windows 11 24H2 hasn’t been officially released. Typically, major Windows updates are released in the second half of the year, so 24H2 would likely become available sometime after mid-2024.

To download Windows 11 updates when they become available, you can usually follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Windows Update
  2. Click “Check for updates”
  3. If the update is available, it should appear and you can download and install it

Alternatively, you may be able to use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant or Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s website once the update is released.

Since this update isn’t out yet, I’d recommend checking Microsoft’s official channels or Windows Update later in 2024 for the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to obtain it.

Concluding Lines

There will be more features available when you get the Windows 11 24H2 on your computer. We hope that our information will enlighten you about the newest version of Windows. If you don’t have the Windows 11 version yet, you can visit Msckey to grab Windows 11 at the best discount rate available now. For more questions, you can comment on the below section to share your valuable options with us! We’re done for today. Have a great day!


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